Orange Hat Studios

Providing Joomla! and WordPress CMS extensions

About Orange Hat Studios

Orange Hat Studios (OHS) was started to be a parent company for a number of stand-alone services such as our Site Manager service. It was then decided that we would branch out and create bespoke Joomla! extensions and WordPress plugins. Our teams background ranges from PHP development and Joomla! services so it was an easy decision to make to branch out into both of those Content Management Systems.

Although it didn't start out as our main service, Site Manager has become our flag-ship service, giving other developers and website administrators the ability to manage both their Joomla! and WordPress powered websites, all from one control panel.

While we were in discussions regarding a company name - we decided that having a 'quirky', non-individuals name was the best way forward. One of the team always wore a orange hat while in the office so we started drafting ideas that contained 'orange' and 'hat'.