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Site Manager - Moving Forward

The previous versions of the Site Manager extension was a Component (for Joomla!) and the WordPress Plugin was non-existent. After some testing and tweaking, we converted the Joomla! Component into a System Plugin and started the initial development of the WordPress Plugin.

At the moment, both the Joomla! Plugin and the WordPress Plugin can be downloaded from the main dashboard and installed into each site (the downloaded Plugin is unique per site) and can perform the following actions (broken down by CMS).


  1. Uptime check
  2. System check (check Joomla! Core version, check for Third Party Extension updates)
  3. Update Third Party extensions


  1. Uptime check
  2. System check (check WordPress Core version, check for Third Party Plugin updates)

We're still working hard to add additional functionality to Site Manager and hope to progress all aspects of Site Manager further.