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Site Manager - The Alpha Stage

This article will contain as much information as possible relating to the development of Site Manager and will provide updates/key bits of information that affects our users.

This post is broken down into three unique areas which cover the Site Manager service, Joomla! integration and WordPress integration.

Site Manager

The Site Manager service interface is almost fully complete and functional - there are a couple of things missing such as invoicing and the ability to upgrade/downgrade your subscription. These wont be available until Site Manager reaches a stable version - for anyone that registers before Site Manager reaches a stable mode, they will have the ability to add up to 50 domains and will receive a 50% life-time discount when Site Manager becomes stable.

Joomla! Integration

The Joomla! integration with Site Manager is quite far on, it will report;

  • Up/Down status
  • Third Party Extension Updates (providing that they have an Update Server set)
  • The ability to update Third Party Extensions (for commercial extensions, you must set any necessary download IDs within the extension before it can be updated
  • Report back your Joomla! version and if there is an update to the Joomla! core needed
  • * The ability to update the Joomla! core

* This is in private testing at the moment however we have had our own websites updated by Site Manager

WordPress Integration

At the moment, the Site Manager service for WordPress will;

  • Up/Down status