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Current Year Documentation

Easily display the current year on your website - this is mainly handy in the footer area of your website so you don't need to update the copyright notice every year.


When you have downloaded the '' folder - you will need to login to your administrator area, navigate to 'Extensions -> Manage -> Install -> Upload Package File'. Simply click the 'Browse...' button and select the '' folder that you have just downloaded and click the 'Upload & Install' button. As soon as Joomla! has finished the installation process, you will be notified that the install was successful.

Enabling the Current Year plugin

In your administrator area, navigate to 'Extensions -> Plugins' and filter on the 'Type' selecting 'Content'. This will list all of the content plugins that you have installed - simply enable the 'Content - Current Year' plugin.

Using the Current Year plugin

There are two steps to this process listed below.

1: Within your article/module - use the tag {currentyear} in the article/module body.

2: If you are placing the current year tag in a module, you will need to set the 'Prepare Content' setting to 'Yes' in the 'Options' tab.