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Facebook Pixel Documentation

Facebook Pixel implements Facebook Pixel within your Joomla! powered website. With Facebook Pixel, you can easily track page visits simply by entering your Facebook Pixel token into the Plugin Parameters.


When you have downloaded the 'plg_facebookpixel-*.zip' folder - you will need to login to your administrator area, navigate to 'Extensions -> Manage -> Install -> Upload Package File'. Simply click the 'Browse...' button and select the 'plg_facebookpixel-*.zip' folder that you have just downloaded and click the 'Upload & Install' button. As soon as Joomla! has finished the installation process, you will be notified that the install was successful.

Enabling the Facebook Pixel plugin

In your administrator area, navigate to 'Extensions -> Plugins' and filter on the 'Type' selecting 'System'. This will list all of the content plugins that you have installed - simply enable the 'System - Facebook Pixel' plugin.

Configuring the Facebook Pixel plugin

In the edit screen for Facebook Pixel - simply enter your Pixel API key in the 'Pixel Token' field and click Save.

What does Facebook Pixel track?

At the moment, Facebook Pixel will report on the following;

Joomla! Core Components

  • com_content
  • com_contact
  • com_search

If you would like Facebook Pixel to track an extension that isn't listed, please get in touch.