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OHSecurity - Configuration

Within OHSecurity - there's two 'Configuration' views, one titled 'OHSecurity Configuration' and one titled 'Global Configuration' - both have two different functions within OHSecurity. Below we outline the cause of 'OHSecurity Configuration'.

This view lists all of the different plugins/modules that make up OHSecurity. Within the plugin/module listings - it also provides a 'status' of each extension so you can easily address issues with the different extensions. Along with seeing the status of the extensions, you will also be alerted if your '.htaccess' file or 'web.config' file needs attention. In most cases, clicking the 'Fix Issues' button that is presented will address any issues however in some cases manual alterations may be needed. If this is the case, simply create a Support Ticket and we'll be more than happy to help.